Sleep Specialist In 60613 Chicago, IL

Sleep is the time when the body performs a significant amount of healing and recovery, fighting off diseases and restoring damaged tissues to help maintain optimal health. It’s also essential for ensuring that we can focus and remain alert and on-task throughout the day. According to the CDC, lack of sleep is a public health problem in the U.S., contributing to increased risks of chronic disease like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, depression and cancer while also reducing overall quality of life. In addition, lack of sleep causes daytime drowsiness that plays a major role in car accidents and other dangerous accidents as well as decreasing productivity and success at work and even in relationships.


Sleep problems can be caused by a host of factors including both physical and psychological issues. Many sleep problems are caused by pain stemming from underlying diseases or musculoskeletal problems like arthritis or spine-related problems, both of which become much more common with age. A daytime spent standing or sitting at work followed by an evening slumped in front of the TV or bent over a computer screen exacerbates these issues. And of course, tension, stress and anxiety also contribute by tightening muscles so joints are strained and nerves become compressed.


Chiropractic care is focused on treating the whole patient, not just the symptoms of diseases or other chronic and acute conditions. Having routine spinal adjustments ensures that nerve impingements are relieved and joints remain properly aligned so pain is reduced or eliminated and circulation and nerve signaling are normalized throughout the body. Increased circulation also promotes more rapid tissue healing, and when combined with therapeutic massage, tension and muscle knots are released so headaches, neck pain, back pain and nerve issues like sciatica and cervical radiculopathy are corrected. Plus, a skilled chiropractor is able to evaluate a patient’s spine and joints and provide recommendations for simple lifestyle changes that can help avoid back and neck pain so sleep problems may be avoided in the future.