Physical Therapy Clinic In 60613, Chicago, IL

For the past 20 years, people have come to our office looking for an answer to their pain or problem. As early as 7th grade, Dr. Jacobazzi told his parents he wanted to be an engineer when he grew up and it was this lifelong passion for finding the answer that drives his quest for improving results and outcomes for his patients. Dr. Jacobazzi earned his bachelor’s in engineering from Auburn University and spent two years working towards his Masters’ in Engineering before making the decision to pursue a degree which had a more personal impact on the lives of others. He earned his chiropractic degree from Life University in Atlanta. After which, he completed a rigorous post-graduate program of analysis and treatment which focuses on non-surgical corrective spinal remodeling care.

The underlying analysis techniques are the same those used by spinal surgeons. The most notable difference between non-surgical spinal or physical remodeling care is surgery can typically be avoided. The analysis focuses on normal structural positions which are outwardly expressed as your posture. The doctor has also completed a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy and is the only provider in the State of Illinois to hold licenses in both physical therapy and chiropractic. By having this dual perspective, there is a unique analysis and solution protocol at our office because most providers don’t have the luxury of drawing from two separate fields to better determine the cause of your problem. This perspective is only improved due to the number of years the doctor has spent training as a collegiate track and field athlete and as a high level triathlete.

As part of our analysis protocol, posture analysis is used in combination with other specific evaluation techniques to determine the underlying cause of your problem whether it’s lower back pain, sciatica, neck pain, headaches, knee pain or other common musculoskeletal symptoms. As with most physical therapy or chiropractic offices, our office gets great results with neck and back pain but, when it comes to the more severe problems like sciatica, migraines and knee pain, we really shine. Part of this success stems from our focus on your posture.

Your posture is just an external expression of what’s happening internally and with the demands of today’s society, laptops, smart phones, extended hours at desks, limited recovery time and limited time to take care of ourselves, posture can be a great tool for the public to evaluate their overall health and determine if those persistent aches and pains require a more comprehensive solution.

If your posture has even minor issues, it’s probable there are even more problems hidden out of sight. Too often, short-term approaches are used which only address pain or a specific body part but, don’t provide long-term solutions or address the whole body concept so people can fully understand what they can do to help improve or eliminate their pain. The first step in solving a problem is fully understanding it and its effect upon your life.

Pain typically goes “past the hurt” and affects our relationships, our ability to work, enjoy a good night’s sleep, interrupts our time with our friends, family, children and even our ability to enjoy life or simply be happy. Our evaluation process seeks to understand not just the cause of the problem but how it affects your life and those around you. The solution isn’t a success unless it addresses both the pain, the underlying problem and the person as a whole.

After evaluating a person, our non-surgical physical remodeling care focuses on a phased approach. The first step is reducing your pain and helping you return to normal daily function at work, home and with your friends and family without interruption. Once the pain has been resolved, you will progress to restoring normal movement patterns through a combination of passive therapy, whole body vibration and specific mirror image exercise patterns which will unlock and restore your body’s ability to move and function naturally. The last phase of the program focuses on making your body strong; so, the changes you’ve created as you moved through your treatment program become permanent. A significant amount of time in the last phase is also devoted to giving our patients the tools you need so you can maintain and continue to improve your body after you’ve completed your work at our clinic because it’s important to avoid the lifestyle patterns that lead to your pain and problems in the first place.

Our staff is dedicated to helping all of our patients get the best possible result. Our front desk staff helps you with logistics, getting you scheduled and on track while solving any other issues not related to your therapies. Our therapy team will provide you with direct support during your care, helping reduce your pain, getting your movement back and making certain you have the tools to keep it that way. The most important trait our office staff shares is a genuine concern for our patients. We are personally invested in helping you get and stay well. Dr. Jacobazzi is proud to say he has never had a more caring, concerned group of people than he has the privilege of working with at phyxMe.

Have you been everywhere and no one seems to really know what’s going on with you? Do you feel as if no one has addressed you beyond your problem and taken the time to really understand not just your problem but how it’s affecting you as a person? Are you ready to find the answer and get back on track? We are here and ready to help. Our office has seen many patients who had given up and expected the pain and problems would just be a regular part of their life, we were able to give them the answer and we’re ready to help you find your answers too. With over a 97% success rate based on patient satisfaction surveys, our goal is to exceed your expectations. A thorough, personal approach where each and every person who comes to our office is given the best possible solution for their problems.